Environmentally safe
burns cleaner than petroleum diesel.
reduces sulfur dioxides and sulfate emissions.
decreases CO2-- the most dangerous greenhouse gas.
made from renewable resources--waste restaurant grease and soybean oil.
non toxic---- by comparison table salt is 10 times more toxic.
biodegradable - Degrades 4 times faster than diesel--sugar degrades at the same rate.
cleaner than petroleum diesel, substantially reduces emissions of criteria pollutants and essentially eliminates sulfur dioxides and sulfates emissions.
decreases lifecycle emissions of CO2-the most dangerous greenhouse gas-by 78% when compared to petroleum diesel fuel.
flash point-- over 200° F - diesel is aground 125° F - making biodiesel safer to store and handle compared to diesel.
get better engine performance and lubricity.
ASTM Quality
our biodiesel, which runs in ANY diesel engine, is refined according to exacting, standardized specifications set by the ASTM - the same organization that sets the standards for petroleum diesel.
Can use existing storage and refueling infrastructure
Stored in existing diesel fuel storage tanks, existing diesel refueling infrastructure, including pumps and tanks, is 100% ready for biodiesel.
Used neat (B100, or 100% biodiesel) or mixed at any ratio with  #2 diesel fuel and other diesel additives.
Supports local economies and national security
Made in the USA, from renewable resources, reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
For more helpful information please visit the National Biodiesel Board website and review their NBB Fuel Fact Sheets for a great deal of statistical data related to biodiesel use and environmental impact