For whom do you process oil and take waste vegetable oil deliveries?
Restaurant collection and food processing cook plants in 275 gallon or up to 6,000 gallon truck load quantities. We also offer cooking oil collection services within our delivery area..
What type of oil do you take?
Any type of food grade frying oils including soybean, canola, animal fats, lard, etc. Product does not have to be filtered or dewatered.
Used Cooking Oil FAQ
What does it do to the boiler?
It has been observed to reduce the maintenance needed inside a boiler due to less soot produced, therefore there is less accumulation internally and less is sent out the stack. It simply burns an alternative fuel (water-in-oil emulsion).
What is the drop in BTU?

  • In most cases, more energy is obtained from a gallon of fuel due to secondary atomization resulting in more complete combustion.

  • Some new, highly efficient boilers may not see an increase in BTU output, while we have shown that it is possible. There is a point of diminishing returns at the high water percentages as secondary atomization is marginalized.

What is the saving per gallon?

  • That depends upon the price of oil and the boiler. Savings in fuel consumed can be from 5 to 15% as has been experience to date. Savings also accrue from better heat exchange due to less soot buildup in the tubes. Depending on your level of environmental you may save from environmental fines / equipment.

  • You may also qualify for an emulsion tax credit up to .19 cents a gallon. Check with your tax advisor or CPA to find out whether you qualify.

What is the cost?
The base price includes the installation and balancing of the NoNox Emulsion Combustion System Emulsion Unit and the Distribution Manifold. The customer is to provide the electrical, water, and oil connections to the NoNox Emulsion Combustion System location. Contact Us today for a free estimate.
How does the NoNox Emulsion Combustion System manage to mix and use the oil and water together?
The water and oil are premixed through a process called cavitation. This continual cavitation mechanically drives water droplets into the oil to make the emulsion. The emulsion is then used before the water and oil have time to separate, making the use of additives or surfactants unnecessary. Any unused mixture, returns to the NoNox Emulsion Combustion System for immediate re-emulsification and use, adding further to the efficiency of the overall process and ensuring that nothing is wasted. Even in standby the emulsion is never returned to the customer oil tank to prevent contamination of the pure oil. Instead this mix is kept ready for restart when it is re-emulsified and sent to the fuel train for use.
Nonox Emulsion Combustion System FAQ