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Bahama Wave running on diesel only
Bahama Wave running on Nonox System emulsion mix
Bahama Wave tests showing the difference you can see between the diesel and emulsion emissions. Read the Ren-Trac Letter below for a testimonial on the ease of installation, operation and benefits.
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21st December, 2008


On the past year Eric Cottell has installed and tested his emulsion combustion unit (ECU)
manufactured by Nonox Ltd, on some of my equipment.

We first installed the device on a generator set powered by a 3306 Caterpillar four stroke
diesel engine, and nest, on one of my barges powered by an 871 Detroit two stroke diesel.

A number of tests were performed by Mr. Cottell’s U.S. Licensee, Cotefco Corporation, who sent their vice president of engineering, Charles Market, to verify the results and later further testing was verified by the BEST commission (our version of the EPA) Bahamas Electricity Corporation (utility), and the college of the Bahamas.  Both emission and fuel consumption results were excellent.

Six months ago, (June 2006) and ECU was installed on my ship “Bahama Wave’s” port engine, a Caterpillar 3412 four stroke diesel engine which had a soot problem.  When the ECU is operating, soot is dramatically reduced and the fuel consumption appears to be reduced fifteen plus percent.

The installation was performed without interruption to the ship’s busy schedule and has caused no down time.  Over the past six months, the system has been refined to a simple mode of operation that an unskilled seaman can operate and not break anything.

Due to the reduced soot, we expect to benefit from the reduced maintenance costs as well as fuel savings.  I believe this is a good product and will be especially useful on long voyages where fuel savings could translate to increased cargo capacity.

Michael Oakes
Ren-Trac Ltd.

Edinburg, VA
This model 50 emulsifies enough fuel to heat over 40,000 gallons of waste vegetable oil for processing activities at the Wholesome Energy plant.
Wholesome Energy model 50 - #2 diesel fuel

Fuel savings: appx. 10%
Emissions reduction: appx. 20%

Wholesome Energy's model 600 processes and generates enough mixture to comfortably fuel the Swift Resolute (pictured below) and still save fuel and reduce emissions.

Wholesome Energy model 600 - #6 heated oil
Swift Resolute Presentation and Test Results (pdf download, 1.59 MB)
Swift Resolute Consumption Calculation Summary (pdf download, 17 kb)

119 West 40th Street New York City
Boiler Application - 100 gph

As of 1/1/2024

The new updated unit has been in operation for over 5 years of trouble free service.

Over 360,796 gallons of fuel was emulsified with over 44,358 gallons of water providing the building managers with a 60% + reduction in soot and particulate emissions.

Substantial fuel savings continue to be achieved due to a more complete combustion of the fuel as well as better heat transfer due to cleaner boiler tubes.

Herald Square
New York City

As of 1/11/2024
Over 116,714 gallons of fuel and over 13,137 gallons of water since the install in fall of 2019.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Shipping Installations
Roll On / Roll Off car carriers
MV Tortugas
Installed Spring 2011
MV Taiko
Installed Winter 2012
Capacity: 6400 units
Length: 210 meters
Gross Tonnage: 60,000
Decks: 12

Fuel savings
Cleaner Engine
Cleaner Economizer
Emission Reductions
Capacity: 6400 units
Length: 262 meters
Gross Tonnage: 66,532
Decks: 12

Fuel savings: 4%
Emission Reductions: 38% (NoX)
Model 1100 Fuel Emulsion Unit for Tarago (Ready for Installation)
Control Panel for Tarago
Length: 241 meters
Gross Tonnage: 67,140
Decks: 12

Fuel savings
Cleaner Engine
Cleaner Economizer
Emission Reductions
Overview - January through February 2012
(pdf download, 247 kb)

2003 Mack E-7, 460 Horsepower Engine, Semi Truck
Installed Summer 2011
Emulsion Connections
Emulsion Computer Controls and Gauges
~ Running 11% Water ~
Installation located in VA, 2009

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JMU Testing Data for Mack Truck

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Ren-Trac Recommendation (Bahama Wave)