Nonox Emulsion Combustion Systems
The Nonox Emulsion Combustion System is Nonox technology fabricated and distributed by Wholesome Energy.
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Water-in-oil emulsion delivers increased efficiency and reduced emissions.
NoNox Emulsion Combustion Systems can be applied to oil fired boilers, burners, kilns, all types of diesel engines, and generators, including land and marine applications.


Emulsion Tax Credit:
Reduces fuel consumption, emissions, soot on boiler tubes and cleaner engines, less maintenance.
Emulsion is made on demand.  No chemical additives or storage is needed or separation concerns of shipment and storage.
Installed on existing fuel train and can be easily reverted to fuel only.
#2, 4, 5 and 6 fuels can be used.
No emulsion is returned to fuel storage tanks and returned fuel is re-emulsified.


Footprint-ranges from 24”x24”x24” and up to 6’x6’x6’ for larger models.  Units are stand-alone and customized.
Fuel supply - filter required; existing filters are sufficient
Water supply - filter required.  Water should be clean and filtered.  Grey water is usable but soft water is recommended.
Downtime is minimal or non-existent.


The fuel and water are emulsified by means of continuous cavitation resulting in tiny evenly sized water particles contained within the fuel.  These particles turn to steam before the fuel burns, expanding thousands of times to re-atomize the fuel for more complete combustion.


Eric W. Cottell, who resides in Nassau, Bahamas, grew up amid the interesting experiments in his father's laboratory. Acknowledged by many as one of the important inventors of his time, Eric's father, Eric C. "Jock" Cottell, is best known for his important inventions in the area of ultrasonics. Among the senior Cottell's inventions which touch most peoples' lives today are processes for making emulsions used by millions of people across the world in such products as Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, cosmetics and paints.

After Jock Cottell's death, his son Eric decided to push forward with his Dad's process for creating water in oil emulsions for use as a fuel.   Patents issued in the 1970's to Jock Cottell created a big stir worldwide because of the methodology for creating fuel emulsions using water and oil and sometimes water, oil and pulverized coal. In fact, Jock was featured in both Newsweek and Popular Mechanics in the 1970s. When these emulsions were burned, the results were extraordinary: the water droplets expanded and exploded into steam increasing the efficiency of the boilers where they were installed. An added benefit was fewer polluting waste products.

Eric Cottell had assisted his father in all aspects of the technology including design and fabrication of some of the early "Cottell Reactors" for installation in schools, homes and even an automobile.

In spite of the importance of the Cottell process for making emulsions in a world of shrinking resources and need for cleaner burning fuels, the know-how which had attracted such big names in world commerce as McDonell-Douglas and A.S. Norexim, slipped into disuse some years ago when it appeared as if the supply of cheap, fossil fuel was plentiful.

With continuing oil and natural gas consumption at record levels in the U.S. and Europe and the additional economic pressures on supply and price from emerging economies like China, the interest and need for new ways of expanding fuel supply and efficiency is once again on the "front burner.
Process inventor and patent holder for the marine and combustion applications (land transportation), Eric Cottell, is also a Technical Advisor to Wholesome Energy and our distribution partner. He is also president of NoNox Ltd
Jock & Eric Cottel, 1999


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