Savannah Ocean Exchange Selects Winners

Nonox won the Orcelle grant for its Emulsion Combustion Unit (ECU). Photo: Nonox
The winners of the 2012 Solutions Exchange awards, Nonox Ltd and Protei, have been awarded the Orcelle grants by the Savannah Ocean Exchange (SOE) global review panel.

The US$100,000 Orcelle grant was awarded to Nonox for its emulsion combustion unit (ECU), an emulsion fuel system containing mixing chamber and fuel/water proportioning controls. The unit produces instant water-in-oil emulsion fuel which reduces Nox, black carbon and other air pollutants. The system can switch between emulsion and fuel and is easy to install, reducing down time and fuel costs for customers.
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Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012
Christopher Connor, deputy CEO and CCO, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, said: "The Nonox Emulsion Combustion System is an innovative solution that can decrease emissions of harmful substances to the air considerably, both at sea and on land. We hope that the Orcelle Grant will make it possible for them to bring this product to market."

The US$100,000 Gulfstream Navigator Award was given to Protei: Ocean Cleaning Sailing Robots. Used to carry research and environmental clean-up equipment on the ocean by way of wind power, the seafaring surface vessel offers an economically efficient platform for the development of ocean-cleaning data collecting robotic drones.

Eco Marine Power (EMP) also received a Solutions Inspiring Action Award for its wind and solar power renewable energy solution for shipping, the Aquarius MRE System.