Two Earth-friendly Designs Each Garner $100K Prizes

(SAVANNAH, Ga.)- On Friday, September 21, 2012, Savannah Ocean Exchange announced two $100,000 winners in a contest aimed at finding inventions that better protect our environment. The winning companies were Protei and Nonox.

Wes Pence of Nonox presented the "Emulsion Combustion Systems" or ECU, which is a complete emulsion fuel system designed to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Gabriella Levine of Protei presented the "Ocean Cleaning Sailing Robots," an invention that was conceived in response to inefficiencies in oil spill relief efforts, and frustration with the unsustainable research and design costs of current robotic oceanic drones, according to Amanda Brown Olmstead, lead public relations specialist for the 2012 Savannah Ocean Exchange gathering.
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Published: 9/22 7:05 am | Updated: 9/22 7:24 am
Savannah, Ga. --- The Savannah Ocean Exchange (SOE) Global Review Panel has selected the winners of the 2012 Solutions Exchange awards. Each award includes a $100,000 prize from Worldwide Sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).

This year's $100,000 Gulfstream Navigator Award was given to Protei: Ocean Cleaning Sailing Robots presented by Gabriella Levine. This solution best reflects the goals of The Gulfstream Navigator Award: applicability across multiple industries to generate a positive impact on the economy and the environment. "We congratulate Protei, winner of this year's award," said Joe Lombardo, executive vice president, Aerospace Group, General Dynamics, parent company of Gulfstream Aerospace. "They demonstrated what can be done when diverse groups work together. Everyone who presented a solution this week deserves to be recognized for embracing the spirit of collaboration and cooperation and for their commitment to make a positive difference in the world."

Protei is a seafaring surface vessel, constructed to carry research instruments and environmental clean-up equipment autonomously over long distances on the ocean via wind power. The project was conceived in response to inefficiencies in oil spill relief efforts, and frustration with the unsustainable research and design costs of current robotic oceanic drones. Protei's mission is to provide a locally accessible, economically efficient platform for the development of ocean-cleaning data collecting robotic drones. Their goal is to harness human innovation, technological ingenuity, and creative design to preserve the integrity of natural resources.

Advancing a shipping and logistics solution for increased sustainability through zero-emissions, transport on land and at sea, the WWL OrcelleĀ® Grant of 2012 and $100,000 has been awarded to Nonox: Emulsion Combustion Systems presented by Wes Pence.

Fossil fuel emissions contribute to global warming and are the root cause of many health problems. A proven method of cleaning up these emissions is on the inlet side of the engine/boiler through the use of water in oil-emulsified fuels.

The Nonox emulsion combustion unit (ECU) is a complete emulsion fuel system containing the mixing chamber and fuel/water proportioning controls. The ECU can be switched back and forth between emulsion and straight fuel at the flick of a switch. The Nonox Fuel Emulsions System is easy to install with little or no down time for the customer, the return on the investment is typically less than a year, and on larger installations much less than that. This system is most attractive in today's market due to ever increasing fuel costs and more stringent emissions regulations.

Christopher Connor, Deputy CEO and CCO of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics of Norway, congratulated the winners saying "the Nonox Emulsion Combustion System is an innovative solution that can decrease emissions of harmful substances to the air considerably, both at sea and on land. The team has done an impressive job in developing this promising technology. We hope that the Orcelle Grant will make it possible for them to bring this product to market, and look forward to supporting the laureate on this journey."

These LEAP TO ZERO+ Solutions all reduce the use of natural resources or waste generation as they increase productivity or economic well-being. This year's winners once again have solutions that address the environmental stewardship, new technology development, and support for developing countries.

About the Savannah Ocean Exchange
Founded in 2010, Savannah Ocean Exchange unites international organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to distribute and adopt solutions that positively impact the Ocean, economies and health. The 2012 Board of Governors includes 31 thought leaders from around the world who represent diverse backgrounds and expertise; share a commitment to innovation and to the protection of our ocean, and the enhancement and advancement of solutions that will create new industries, expand job opportunities and recharge economies.

Press release submitted by Amanda Brown Olmstead.
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Reported by: Jessica Kiss